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Your Guide to Gifting Traditional Maltese Food

Looking for birthday presents, anniversary surprises or perhaps a Maltese souvenir? Whatever the occasion, our sweet and savoury treats always hit the spot. For almost two centuries, Caffe Cordina has forged a reputation as one of the best cafés in Europe – Malta’s go-to, family-run spot for an authentic taste of the island. And what better gift to take home than a little slice of tasty tradition and Maltese café culture? To help you pick just the treat you need, here is our foolproof guide to gifting Maltese delicacies.

1. Chocoholic’s delights

If you love sweet, chocolatey goodies, Caffe Cordina is your home away from home. Simply grab a box of our premium Chocolate Knights, with its assortment of velvety caramel flavours, for the ultimate chocolate indulgence. And why not spoil yourself (or a loved one!) with our melt-in-your-mouth Sovereign Chocolate Fingers and our I Love Malta Teddy Bear EU Coins? Creamy chocolate souvenirs guaranteed to raise a smile.

2. Office-friendly goodies

Add some mini Maltese delicacies to your office coffee break with our classic almond or chocolate and hazelnut krustini. Crunchy and baked to perfection, these exquisite biscotti are perfect for dipping into a steaming cup of tea or coffee. Need something a little more office-friendly? Give your team a boost with the sweet rush of our pastel-coloured, sugar-coated almonds, known locally as perlini. The perfect treat for a smudge-free environment.

3. Birthday essentials

Who wouldn’t love to receive chocolate and money? Combine the two for a golden gift with our Giant Euro Coin – rich and silky smooth chocolate. And for a twist on the traditional birthday cake, try our classic fruit cake – a blend of succulent fruit with candied citrus peel. It’s an indulgent cake for any special occasion, made even more decadent when paired with a refreshing glass of bubbly!

4. Coffee and catch-up treats

Fancy something to share with a friend over a catch-up and a warming cup of tea or coffee? Then it’s definitely time for pastini – Caffe Cordina’s signature sweet. These light, almond macaroons are so moreishly chewy, it’s impossible to just have one. Or if you’re really looking to spoil your taste buds, try our rustic biskuttini tar-raħal. These firmly traditional village biscuits, adorned with coloured icing swirls, combine cloves and aniseed to add some zing to your afternoon tea.

5. Festive sweets

A historical staple of the Maltese summer festa, chewy nutty nougat is the perfect gift for a loved one with a sweet tooth. Our wide selection of nougat ranges from the traditional nougat bar to our Nougat Delights that offer four tasty varieties in chocolate, orange, lemon and vanilla. Our nougat is also available in multipacks of two or four, making the selection of your festa-inspired gifts even easier.

6. Taste of Malta

Malta is famed for its unique cuisine that is a taste sensation unlike any other. At Caffe Cordina, we create the finest examples of traditional Maltese desserts, so you can be sure you are gifting the Mediterranean’s best. Why not try one of our honey ringsa light circular pastry filled with black treacle, orange peel and aromatic spices? Or our mqaret date-filled pastries blended with mouth-watering citrus and spices? If you’re visiting us around Eastertime, don’t miss your chance to try our traditional, seasonal sweet, the figolla a soft, ground almond filling, sandwiched between two oversized layers of biscuit pastry, covered in a generous layer of chocolate or frosting, and decorated with intricate, colourful icing. Choose from various fun shapes or our uniquely designed Maltese Cross.

7. Malta souvenir

Take home a souvenir that doesn’t just taste like Malta but also evokes warm memories of your visit. Celebrate Malta’s capital city with our Sesame Biscuits in a Valletta Commemorative Mug, or dream of your next trip while indulging in our Spirit of Malta Hazelnut Chocolates or our irresistible Chocolate Malta Postcards.

8. Cheese connoisseur’s indulgence

Something for the cheese and wine enthusiasts: traditional Maltese cheeselets, known as ġbejniet, made with sheep’s milk, then peppered and cured in wine vinegar to create a tangy, one-of-a-kind cheese experience. Our range of ġbejniet includes the original Gozo Aged Pepper Cheese and Gozo Natural Cheese in Oil, as well as our colourful and flavourful take on this Maltese classic, the Tre Colori Natural or Peppered Cheese in Oil.

9. Home cook’s secret ingredients

Those who enjoy cooking will love the Maltese flavour boost from our carefully selected range of salt, herbs and olive oils. From locally sourced aromatic salt flakes that offer a burst of garlic, chillies, basil, rosemary and oregano, to our specialised blend of Maltese herbs for fish or meat, there is no better way to add a dash of Mediterranean flair to your cooking.

10. Malta-in-a-jar

If you are looking for a gift that captures the essence of Malta’s homegrown produce, look no further than our range of exclusive jams and honey. From the sweet and delicate flavour of our fig jam or our quintessentially Maltese prickly pear jam, to our bittersweet lemon jam and aromatic pomegranate jam, it may be difficult to decide what to spread on your morning toast! We have also created a range of honey with a twist. Our popular favourite multi flora honey is ideal drizzled over pancakes, while our thyme honey offers a fragrant yet subtle hint of the Mediterranean herb to our classic blend. Shop our range of delicious products.