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Valletta, Malta. Old medieval empty street with yellow buildings and flower pots

6 Things to Do in Valletta After Your Cordina Coffee Stop

It’s no secret that Caffe Cordina is the number one place to go for your morning coffee in Valletta – or for a bite to eat at any time of day. Then, once you’ve soaked in the atmosphere and enjoyed your snack, we recommend you head over to these six places to discover the best of Malta’s capital, Valletta.

1. Visit Casa Rocca Piccola

Casa Rocca Piccola is one of Valletta’s most memorable attractions as it offers a unique insight into Malta’s heritage. The palace was built in the 17th century as the home of Don Pietro la Rocca, one of the Knights of the Order of St John, and it is the ancestral home of a Maltese aristocratic family that still lives there. The current owners are the 9th Marquis and Marchioness De Piro, who have opened a fascinating mix of their elegant rooms to the public for viewing. Throughout the palace, you will be privy to the family’s awe-inspiring art pieces and their collection of centuries-old books, silver and furniture – some as old as the city itself! We recommend you check Casa Rocca Piccola’s website before visiting to confirm that the Palace will be open on the day you’re there.

2. Stroll by St John’s Co-Cathedral and admire its stunning architecture

St John’s Co-Cathedral is Malta’s most imposing church and a highlight of every visit to Valletta. The cathedral’s original architect was Andrea Belli, but the design has been changed several times over the centuries, like when it became Catholic in 1891 after 400 years being Anglican under British rule. If time allows, buy a ticket and head inside to explore it properly. We guarantee you won’t want to miss it.

3. Head to City Gate and walk around the Triton Fountain

City Gate is one of the most iconic features of Valletta’s cityscape. When you spot famed architect Renzo Piano’s recent Parliament project and the imposing staircases up to the bastion walls, it’s easy to see why. This is where locals would traditionally buy their food from stalls set up around the town’s grand entranceway. Today, it’s more of a meeting point as you walk through to the Triton Fountain and have a seat in the gardens beyond. While you’re there, why not bring a Caffe Cordina picnic to be enjoyed as you watch the world go by?

4. Stop by MUZA – Malta’s national art gallery

Located in a beautiful, historic building on shady Merchant Street, MUZA is Malta’s national art gallery. It is free to visit and houses several art exhibitions, seminars on contemporary Maltese artists, and works from world-renowned masters. Guided tours are available, but it’s best to check timings in advance.

5. Meander through the city’s streets

Valletta’s streets are an attraction in their own right. Their grid layout is one of the best (and oldest!) examples of its type. Our tip? Look up! The buildings themselves are fascinating. You’ll spot curious details on every corner. Our favourite streets in Valletta are St Lucy’s Street, Strait Street and Merchant Street. Not forgetting Republic Street, of course – home to Caffe Cordina!

6. Wander down to the beautiful Valletta waterfront

The best way to explore the city is on foot – and what better place for a stroll than Valletta’s exquisite waterfront? Take a sunset walk from Caffe Cordina to St George’s Square, and stop by the Upper Barrakka Gardens from some seriously Insta-worthy views of the Grand Harbour. Then take the lift down to the waterfront for a stroll by the sea. Be sure to look out for the pretty, colourful doorways! They make for great Golden Hour snaps.

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